Friday, February 28, 2014

Daffodil Delight


There's something jubilant about daffodils. Just when the bleakness of winter seems as though it will never end, they erupt into bloom.

Over the years I have planted the contents of fifty bulb sacks of  buttercream and mixed daffodils and planted smaller quantities of uncommon varieties. 

Last year very few of my daffodils bloomed. Many other area gardeners had the same disappointing results. Could the relatively warm winter of 2012 have been the culprit?

This year two fluorescent yellow daffodils popped up next to my carport in January and stayed fresh for most of the month, even enduring freezes. This month daffodils are present in patches at various locations across the yard. Not all are blooming, but enough have to remind me that spring is almost here.

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