Friday, November 29, 2013

Lowcountry, Late Autumn

fallen leaves
Fallen leaves
With all the extra rain that descended on the Lowcountry during the summer of 2013, I wondered whether we would get a higher degree of fall color than usual this year. I'm no botanist, but I've observed more brightly colored leaves here this month than in any other November since moving to the area more than two decades ago.
Japanese maple and palm fronds
Yellow maple leaves
When I think of autumn in the Lowcountry, I think of Spanish moss dangling from live oaks and of the marsh with its spartina grass turned the color of ready-to-harvest wheat. In the wild, scarlet Virginia creeper and the bright yellow leaves of wild muscadine garland trees and anything else they manage to climb. Dogwoods always provide a bit of color before dropping their leaves. This year I'm noticing more maples and ornamental fruit trees displaying vibrant colors. And I'm loving it.

Mount Pleasant flora
Near creeks and rivers this is what November looks like in Mount Pleasant
Spanish moss dripping from live oak
A typical Lowcountry autumn scene: Live oak dripping with Spanish moss
Vibrant leaves
This year trees display more vibrant leaves than usual
Dried leaves
…but there are plenty of just plain brown leaves on the ground
Virginia creeper, bright red
Virginia creeper can be counted on to add brilliance